by Atlantis Workshop

Good old 4X TBS

Explore, conquer, convert and... release the Kraken!

Classic 4X (Explore, Expand, Exploit, Exterminate), turn-based, single-player strategy game, with bit of divine twist.

You against AI. Lead your theocracy to world dominance!

Might and myth

Recruit and command armies. Convert enemy regions by divine power or conquer them by brute force.

Manage regions, construct fortifications and shrines. Discover new knowledge and advance.

Enact dogmas and cast miracles!

Do rely on miracles

Things not going well? Summon monsters and holy men, or thunderstrike approaching army.

Punish sinners by flood, or amaze them by solar eclipse. How about blowing a volcano?

Game too long? Cause the Apocalypse, now. Or later.

Indie & old-school

Independent, home-made strategy game for fans of good old PC games. Call it retro if you will.

Designed, developed and crafted completely by one person.

This is a game like your grandma* used to make 'em: 2D, slow and brain requiring.

Theocracy - Game concept

Theocracy is a turn-based strategy game. Players take turns to execute their actions, such as move their armies, attack enemies, cast miracles, choose research, decide what to produce in their regions and enact dogmas (a.k.a. commandments). You represent a ruler of a small theocracy and your goal is to expand it into a dominant world empire by defeating your opponents. This is achieved by conquest and conversion of other regions on the map and their incorporation into your own theocracy, and by divine interventions which you can trigger.

At the begining of the game, the ancient, undiscovered world, is inhabited mostly by pagans and is filled with pagan regions. You and your AI opponents - leaders of other theocracies - all start with one region (the Holy Land), and from there you explore the world, expand your empires and try to defeat each other.

Regions can be conquered by armies, or peacefully converted by impact of "Power". Power is a special resource, which radiates from your regions, shrines, holy men and miracles, and impacts its surroundings. Power is used to convert other regions, enact dogmas and cast miracles.

Important achievements in game are awarded by "Victory Points". The first player to reach 100 Victory Points wins. Victory Points are awarded for perctentage of world population following your religion, conquered other players' Holy Lands, dogmas, holy men, sacred mountains and invoking the Apocalypse miracle.

Ehm, Civilization? Same, same. But different.

Let's be honest here: Theocracy is inspired by Civilization series and shares a lot of its features and game dynamics. However, this is not a copy & paste of Civ. Intention was to keep things more simple and the game less time consuming than its Civ cousins.

There are many fundamental differences, such as less focus on military tactics and more focus on strategic peaceful conversion of other players' regions, and importance of miracles. You cannot settle new regions, only conquer and convert existing ones. No farms and roads. Who wants to be farming when you can strike the enemy by a thunder or unleash a monster upon him?!

Previous Civ gaming experience will surely help you tremendously to kick-start playing Theocracy, but you might need to rethink your strategies before you rule the world.

Have fun, oh, Glorious Leader!

Go on: go to Steam, download, play... and release the Kraken!

Screen shots from the game

This is a humble, indie game, made byte by byte, from scratch, without any game engine. There are no fancy 3D graphics. The game is done in retro, vintage style, but not forcefully pixelized and downplayed like it was 1984. It features beautiful 19th century paintings by Scottish painter Robert Davids, 2D world based on classical antique maps, sweet GUI elements by Rexard, and Civ2-like units inspired by work of Erwan Catesson. Full list of contributors to the game graphics is in INFO & HELP section of this web and About section in the game.